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Exceedingly Rare
Receive 1 bag of the most exclusive Coffees each month. Guaranteed.

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Yemen: Alchemy Bait Alala. 90+. 2300 meters of elevation. Extreme Processing: 

Step 1: Aerobic Fermentation
Step 2: Pressurised Carbonic Maceration
Step 3: Blackout Fermentation
Step 4: Slow Drying

Cut off date to receive this coffee is: 30 September 2021.
Roasting & Dispatch will take place in the first week of October 2021. 

Experience The Best of The Best
Working closely with some of the worlds top coffee growers, we are also buying their absolutely rarities; from Gesha to Sudan Rume. Oftentimes experimental lots with extreme processing, very high scoring and sky-high pricing. This is an opportunity for farmers to get their names out and proof what they are capable of. We love roasting those super interesting coffees with complex cup profiles and exclusive varietals.

About this Masterpiece Subscription
We have created this subscription service to give you guaranteed access to our high-scoring, limited rarities. At the start of each month you receive one bag of a stunning and rare Masterpiece Coffee. We roast and dispatch this coffee only on one single day at the start of each month. 

Signing up for this Masterpiece Subscription Service you are buying your coffee at a great price advantage compared to our regular retail pricing. Shipping costs are included. 

Which Masterpiece do I get?
All Masterpiece Subscriptions leave our house on one single day at the start of each month. We want those precious coffees to reach you as fresh as possible! If you sign up after the 1st of a month or at any point during a running month, you are lined up for the next Masterpiece Dispatch.

Example: Sign up Date: 3rd May. You will receive the Masterpiece that we send out at the start of June. 

More on pricing
Our Masterpieces undergo intense processing and those coffees are exceedingly rare. Often we buy them through online auctions whereby roasters are bidding up the prices for those rare Gems. The sky is the limit. Given the small quantities of those coffees, farmers use their Masterpiece Coffees to build a name around their farm and their hard work - which helps them asking for higher premiums for their main crop.

The reference retail value of this bag will always be at a minimum of 35 EUR. The bean weight we send out may differ because of the differences in pricing we pay for each individual lot to the coffee producer. As a rule of thumb: The bean weight per bag will mainly range from 100gr to 200gr of coffee, depending on the price for the raw material. 

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MAR 21: Cerro Azul Napoleon Gesha
ARP 21: La Negrita Competition Gesha
MAY 21: Wush Wush by Colors of Nature
JUNE 21: Gesha Villa Luciana
JULY 21: Daterra Laurina double Fermentation
AUG 21: El Burro Geisha by Lamastus Family Estates
SEP 21: Finca Sophia washed Geisha (Best of Panama 2020)

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