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Our new 3-months subscription special comes with the beautiful Tajimi Cup by ACME. 

This coffee subscription runs for 3 months: You will receive 2x 250g of freshly roasted coffee beans per month. The first delivery comes in our cool craft box with a free Tajimi cup by ACME. Perfect for you or as a gift for your special friend. You can choose filter or espresso roasts. Shipping is included.

ACME Tajimi Cup
ACME are based in New Zealand. They supply us with the wonderful coffee cups that we use in all our cafes. For our filter brews we are using the unique Tajimi cup. It looks like an egg-shell and it is absolutely fantastic to hold in your hands. Designed by ACME and manufactured in the Maruasa Porcelain Factory, this 300ml cup has a polished matt exterior (white) with a glazed interior (green). They are ideal for serving filter coffee. As they are porcelain they are perfect at keeping the beverage the desired temperature. Trust us, this will be your new favourite cup.

Some reasons why we like this so much as a gift:

  • The surprise cup is the best present ever for any coffee lover 
  • Pricing includes a nice discount compared to single webshop orders
  • Transportation costs are included – shipping options are global

The subscription includes:

  • 2 x 250g bags of delicious coffee beans each month for 3 months 
  • First delivery comes in our craft box and contains the additional ACME Tajimi cup (outside: white, inside: green).

Subscription Coffees this month

  • Filter |  Volcan Azul + Halo
  • Espresso |  Ivory AA + Santa Marta

This subscription is curated by us. That means that the coffees you receive change every month. Unfortunately, you cannot select your individual coffees. The pricing you get in return for your commitment includes a very nice discount compared to individual webshop orders.

Let us know if you need to change your address, for instance when on holiday or wanting to receive your box at your office.

We ship our subscription coffees throughout the whole month, 5x per week. So you can select your preferred date of shipping. As a starting point, we use the day when you booked your subscription. Send us an email if you want to change it.

Amounts & Gift Subscriptions
On our Subscription Site we offer options for more coffee bags per month and also other gift subscriptions. Which are ideal gifts for that special coffee lover in your life. 

More Benefits
As part of our Subscriber Club, you have many advantages. We update you with a community newsletter 2x per month. Here we often give you first pre-ordering options for new coffees or products. We also run exclusives for our subscribers, such as workshops or our monthly draw of our Lucky Five that receive a surprise gift from us.